How To Get A Tech Job Without A Tech-based Degree

Gone are the days it was difficult for job seekers without degrees or experience to get a tech job, this is because digital transformation has reformed the way organizations and businesses operate.

With the rate the tech industry is constantly evolving, as new software becomes available and trends emerge; it is expected to look for ways to benefit and take advantage of the opportunities the rapid growth offers.

 In this internet age, launching a career path in IT with a tech job is of great benefit for career development because technology offers the opportunity for growth in many of its various fields that offers you the chance to improve your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Though, many of these fields are highly skilled and frequently require you to be able to adapt to changing technologies and finish important projects on time for your organization.

With the wide range of tech jobs available in the tech industry, you will be able to easily choose your career path based on your interest.

Tech Job

According to LinkedIn, some of the most promising and high-paying tech jobs include Sales Engineer, Site Reliability, Engineer, Product Manager, Technical Program Manager, Program Manager, Data Engineer, Scrum Master, Software Engineer, Data Architect, and  Analytics Manager.

While Sales Engineer, Scrum Master, and Site Reliability Engineer are the three tech jobs predicted to have the greatest year-over-year growth.


If you are wondering how to launch a career path in the tech world without a degree, learning and training to become a Scrum Master is one of the easiest ways that can help you land your first tech job with a high-paying salary. Scrum can help you to build your career to be positioned for the ever-growing Digital Market.

Tech Job

According to IT sector analysis, the Scrum masters employment rate is expected to grow 24% each year through 2026 as organizations streamline their software development processes and embrace Agile. These organizations need competent Scrum Masters who can help complete projects on time on a budget without losing quality.

In the tech world, organizations usually utilize the Scrum framework as a project management tool that helps in the development of software and technology products efficiently.

The Scrum framework is a well-known method team members employ for the delivery of projects in the shortest possible time. This framework is part of the agile project management methodology, a technique that utilizes resilience and teamwork in completing projects.

Scrum Master training ensures that you have a working understanding of this framework. It requires daily scrum call, periodic feedback, and cross-team cooperation.


Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is a professional who fosters teamwork by leading and inspiring the team members to create more successful projects.

A Scrum Master understands each of the team member’s strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and even fears to decide how to help in optimizing project delivery.


By now you'll be wondering what else a Scrum master do asides from helping their agile team members complete projects on time; the job duties vary depending on the organization but it may entail;

  • Making sure the team complies with the Scrum framework and values
  • Engineering cross-team connection
  • Mentoring the team members on agile principles and methodology
  • Monitoring the team members and identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Fostering all the components of the Scrum framework, involving the planning process, reviews, and sprints
  • Working on a project both as a leader and as a participant
  • Training team members to help build their skills in optimizing project delivery.


Some of the major soft and technical skills required for Scrum masters include;

  • Coaching:  It helps in mentoring, training, and inspiring the project team members
  • Scrum and Agile knowledge: Knowledge of scrum and agile principles are highly essential for Scrum masters in order to train the team members and ensure they adhere to the required method.
  • Communication: Communication skill is vital so that Scrum masters can effectively train the team members and connect with them when organizing meetings.
  • Interpersonal skills: As a scrum master you will be working with different types of people with different personalities. Thus, strong interpersonal skill like empathy and active listening is needed to be able to establish good working relationships with the team members.
  • Collaboration and Conflict Resolution: You will be expected to help resolve issues or disputes that arise among team members during a project. So, you'll need strong conflict resolution skills that can help foster a positive working environment for team members and influence their performance and project delivery.
scrum master


Becoming a scrum master is as easy as ABC with the advent of online training and learning platforms like DigitalPod that helps tech job seekers advance their agile career through professional scrum training courses and mentoring to become a Digital Scrum Master.

DigitalPod makes landing a tech job seamless; we can help you get into the tech industry even without prior experience. Our training program will teach you the strategies to accelerate your career; it will also empower you with the tools and resources you need to establish yourself as an expert Digital Scrum Master and Business Analyst.

Our Scrum Master Class training session offers a broad overview of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of Agile and Agile Frameworks including Scrum, Kanban and Lean through hands-on interactive classes with the use of industry tools that will help you earn a Scrum Master certification.

A Scrum Master certification proves that you have an agile mindset, scrum knowledge, and skills that are great assets to any tech organization. It qualifies you for your first tech job with an impressive salary as a Certified Scrum Master.

To learn more about how to become a Scrum Master, visit and click the “GET STARTED" button to launch your career in the tech world.

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